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Maintenance Services Direct believe in Transparency in everything we do and aim to provide Honest solutions to our customers problems. Shown below are some of the most common FAQs we are asked and we hope they provide you with some of the answers you require, however, if you require any further help with any other questions not detailed below or you do not fully understand some of the answers we have provided below PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us on 01384 231211, 07973 502814 or via email on

You can also use the contact form which can be found on our Contact Us page

Shown below are some of the most common FAQ’s we are asked.

How do I arrange for a Quotation?

To arrange a quotation for any work or service you require from Maintenance Services Direct just drop us a line on either 01384 231211 or via our emergency call out (out of hours) number on 07973 502814. You can also drop us an email on

Do I need to pay for a Quotation?

ALL of our Quotations are provided FOC (Free of Charge) whether the customer is of an Industrial, Commercial or Domestic nature.

How are Quotations provided?

We usually provide Quotations via email if possible, this helps provide security of information and helps reduce confusion, it allows the customer to easily keep the Quotation in there records and helps us reduce our impact on the environment by limiting the amount of paper and ink we use annually.

How long are your Quotations valid for?

Our Quotations are usually valid for 1 Month/30 Days from date of Quotation. This is subject to change with longer or shorter periods sometimes offered dependent on the type work or services required. Any change in this validity period WILL be clearly stated on the Quotation you receive.

Does the price stated on the Quotation include VAT?

Maintenance Services Direct are NOT currently VAT registered and as such we do NOT add VAT to any pricing we currently provide. We are hoping to become VAT registered sometime in the future. Any changes will be made clear in this FAQs section and on any paperwork or information that we provide.

Do you add a charge for distance traveled?

We do on some occasions charge the customer extra for distance traveled, this is dependent on the type of work carried out, the distance we have to travel from our base and the amount of journeys taken. This will be discussed at the quotation or order placement stage.

Do you charge for Call Outs?

Some Call Outs do incur a small charge (usually around £40 to £60), this is dependent on the time of day, distance traveled and many other factors. This will be discussed prior to the Call Out being carried out to ensure the customer is happy and to provide transparency.

When can my work be started?

Start dates for work or services to be carried out by Maintenance Services Direct are discussed at the initial Quotation stage. We record your required start date and when an order is placed for our work or services we will contact you to discuss start dates further. We endeavour to meet our customers start dates at all times but changes do occur from time to time. In the event of a deviation from a required start date we will contact the customer to discuss it further.

When will my work be completed?

We endeavour to complete the work within the amount of Minutes, Hours, Days or even weeks stated on the quotation provided. We do however encounter problems which are unforeseen and aim to provide the customer with as many updates as possible. We do from time to time get let down by suppliers, Contractors (should contractors be used) and also experience acts of GOD which are all out of our control. In line with our aim to provide transparency at all times we will provide you with an answer whether it is good or bad.

When do I have to pay for completed work?

Most of the services we provide are paid for immediately after completion of the work. We do from time to time ask for contributory payments throughout the work process to cover on going expenses and to help with cash flow. Customer accounts for Industrial and Commercial clients can also be discussed where we generally offer 30 day nett accounts.

How can I pay for completed work?

Payments can currently be made using cash, cheque (made payable to Maintenance Services Direct) or via Bank transfer (Bank details will be shown on the bottom of our invoices). We are also working on taking card payments via a mobile system that our engineers will carry.

Do you provide any other services NOT listed on your website?

Here at Maintenance Services Direct we pride ourselves on providing the customer with a full and comprehensive range of services to give the customer a “single source Maintenance and Repair” solution. We continually update our range of services with new services we bring to the market. However, we are more than happy to discuss any services NOT currently listed that you may require to see if it is possible for us to provide them. Please contact us to discuss further.

Can I have you round to just cut my Lawn?

The simple answer is YES.

Here at Maintenance Services Direct we love every aspect of the maintenance industry and pride ourselves on offering a full and comprehensive range of services to bring a “single source solution” to the customer for ALL of their maintenance requirements whether the job is small, Medium or Large.

What do I do if I’m not happy with the work carried out?

If in the unlikely event you are not happy with the work we have provided PLEASE contact us to discuss it further, we will then promptly log the complaint on our system and begin to work closely with you to offer a solution. We continually monitor any complaints we receive, however big or small and work them back to root cause. We then implement corrective action to help eliminate the risk of reocurrence.

What are your Holiday shut down periods?

Maintenance Services Direct provide a 24 Hr 365 days a year service.

What sectors do you serve?

We serve the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. We DO NOT currently serve such sectors as Nuclear, Marine and Wind energy.

Do you have an Health & Safety Policy?

The simple answer to this question is YES.


Click here to read our Health & Safety policy statement

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We do have a privacy policy which can be accessed at

Do you have a Cookie Policy?

Our Cookie Policy can be easily found at

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