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Industrial Refurbishment Services

Welcome to our page on Industrial Refurbishment Services, We provide the customer with a full range of Industrial Refurbishment Services by Maintenance Services DirectMaintenance & Repair services to give the customer a single source for all their Maintenance requirements.

Maintenance Services Direct offer a range of Industrial Refurbishment Services that can be applied to Plant, Machinery, Buildings, Frontages and much more. We work closely with other providers and suppliers to help give the customer a tailored service at the right price.

What Industrial Refurbishment Services do we provide?

Maintenance Services Direct provide the following Industrial Refurbishment Services as standard:

  • Plant and machinery refurbishment
  • Building refurbishment (interior and exterior)
  • Refurbishment and cleaning services to yards, Carparks, Frontages, Boundary walls and fencing
  • General painting

We are able to provide further services upon request, we have built up many partnerships over the years to help us to bring many specialist services on top of our standard assortment.

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Maintenance Services Direct

If any of the services listed above are of interest to you or you require any maintenance, cleaning or repairs not listed above please Contact Us on +44 (0)1384 231211 or +44 (0)7973 502814 or email us on

We also have a 24hr emergency call out on +44 (0)7973 502814