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Industrial Database Systems

Industrial Database Systems – Maintenance Services Direct have a useful Database system that operates on the popular Microsoft Access platform that is able to provide the customer with computerised control of many aspects of there Maintenance & Repair. Our Industrial Database Systems are tailored towards the control of Maintenance and Repair but it can also incorporate Quality control, Calibration, Health & Safety, COSHH and much more besides.

Shown below is a screen shot of our standard Industrial Database Systems that we currently use.

Industrial Database Systems by Maintenance Services Direct

What are Industrial Database Systems used for?

Our main area of business is Maintenance and repair but we believe that these actions should be documented, controlled and recorded in an organised and professional manner, this is why we have brought our Industrial Database systems to you the customer.

Our Database systems allow the customer to record ALL items of plant and machinery and easily apply bespoke maintenance schedules which are tailored to suit the item in question along with the frequency of maintenance required. Our Industrial Database Systems also allow the recording of Health & Safety, Calibration of testing equipment, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), PAT testing records, PPE records, Accident/incident reporting and risk assessment.

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