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Christmas Lights Safety

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The christmas period brings joy and happiness but is also fraught with danger, this is due in part to the fact that most people put up Christmas decorations which includes interior and exterior lighting. With this in mind we found this article which we would love to share with you guys and girls.

Electrical safety at Christmas

After 12 months packed away in the loft, Christmas lights can easily become electrically unsafe.

To help prevent the most common electrical problems with Christmas lights, and to enjoy a safe and happy festive season, we recommend the following simple precautions and checks.


  • read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions
  • check your Christmas lights are not damaged or broken before use and look out for loose wiresChristmas Lights Safety
  • use only replacement bulbs of the same type and rating as those originally supplied with the lights
  • ensure all outdoor lights are connected via a 30mA RCD protected socket
  • replace failed lamps immediately to prevent overheating
  • ensure plugs and transformers are plugged in indoors, even if the lighting is suitable for outdoor use
  • switch your lights off and unplug them before you go to bed or go out
  • keep lights away from flammable decorations and materials that can burn easily


  • use lights outdoors unless they are specially designed for such use
  • connect different lighting sets together
  • connect lights to the supply whilst still in the packaging
  • remove or insert lamps while the chain is connected to the supply
  • overload sockets – try to avoid the use of extension leads or adaptors
  • attempt to repair faulty lights – replace them
  • use lights that are damaged or faulty

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